I was born in Rome in 1982. I studied electric guitar with V. Grieco, classical guitar with M. Bonesi, piano with R. Magni. I am graduated in environmental engineering at “Tor Vergata” university of Rome and in 2008 I took a post graduate degree in sound engineering at the same university (with a thesis titled “automatic transcription of polyphonic music based on Elman neural networks”, relator G. Costantini). I took the B.A. degree in computer music (thesis: “aesthetics for composition of laptop music”) at the conservatory of Rome, “Santa Cecilia”, under the guidance of G. Nottoli and the M.A. degree under the guidance of M. Lupone and N. Bernardini ( thesis: “where conscious atomism mediates between structure and unpredictability”). I’ve studied computer music with R. Santoboni, C. Cella, S. Petrarca; from 2008 to 2009, I worked as assistant engineer in some production studios. I also worked as computer music teacher in various music schools like non-profit association “Progetto Laboratorio”, “Ro.gi” music school, “Ecmusic” school, “Virtual studio”, “Euterpe” musical academy, “Absonant” training center. I am a Siae member since 2008 and in 2009 I recorded the audio cd “Concreto e Astratto” with “Videoradio” label. I played guitar and electronic instruments in various musical bands and at the moment, i work as composer and performer of electronic and electroacoustic music. Some of my compositions were performed at Emufest, (international electroacoustic music festival of “Santa Cecilia”, Conservatory of Rome), at “R. Bianchini” music festival, at the MAXXI, national museum of XXI century arts, at the Conservatory of Avellino “D. Cimarosa”, at the “Orsini” castle in Avezzano. I studied C programming language with S. Petrarca, working on development of audio softwares and in 2011 I attended as visiting student, “Tempo Reale”, a research center situated in Florence. In 2011, I worked as programmer for “N-Track, audio software”, a small company based in Rome. I am a member of the “Emufest” team. In 2015, my composition for violin and electronics called “Poltergeist”, was one of the awarded pieces at the end of the national final of the “Claudio Abbado Prize”. Currently I work as editor and writer for a musical webzine called Nucleo Art-Zine, I am involved in various musical project concerning electronic music production, while my research topics are focused on the strict relation between acoustic sources and electronic sounds in the electroacoustic music composition .