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This page contains a partial selection of my music. You can find on this page mainly electroacoustic music and applied music (music for theatre shows, sound poetry, music for dance performances).

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Applied Music:

Friefet Bojod

Music composed by Paolo Gatti for the play Friefet Bojod, written by Lizzie Elridge and produced by More or Less Theatre. The theatre show premiered in September 2018 at St. James Cavalier Theatre, Valletta (Malta).


EXT is a piece composed for the homonymous dance show, performed within the program of Science in the City 2017 in Valletta (Malta). Dancers: Carmen Di Lorenzo and Gloria Borge Lasarte.

Invisibile Guerra

Invisibile Guerra is a multimedia project that combines the poem Invisibile Guerra, written by Gianluigi Miani and the homonymous music composed by the musician and composer Paolo Gatti . The music that comes with the lyric, is formed by phrases in which heterogeneous materials are in close counterpoint with the words, by emphasizing the pressing pace of the lyric. Sometimes music and words converge in the same dynamic climax; music flows according to the pauses and the breaths of the text. Music gestures are focused on some key-words that occur in the text. In particular the words Invisibile Guerra are strongly amplified by the music through the use of delays and repetitions, and gradually this emphasis wears off, giving to these words a more intimate valence. The personal conflicts faced by the artist are initially noisy and full of clamor, and then they fades out, tapering in a personal, delicate, but still disquieted reflection; Conversely a melodic theme gains progressively relevance throughout the piece, moving the energies from the outside world, to the contemplative reality of the artist.

Bouba King Size

Music composed by Paolo Gatti, for the theatre show Bouba King Size, performed at Teatro dell’ Orologio ( Rome ) in 2013.

Electroacoustic Music:

Electroacoustic Music of Paolo Gatti is edited by Neuma Records.


Senhalte is based on the counterpoint and on the union of various electronic materials and acoustic melodies (from different countries of the world) recorded by the own composer. Eleven musicians recorded different folklore melodies and recorded 5 words in their own language: singularity, together, time, non linear, deformation. During the piece these words are slowly decomposed and reassembled forming 5 words in the italian language and finally the title word, Senhalte (in the Esperanto language, the idiom of the peace between people). Senhalte is a stereophonic composition. The musical materials are juxtaposed following the “conscious atomistic” style, an editing technique on which the composer has focused his recent studies.


Poltergeist, Is a composition for violin and electronics, based on a “non linear utilization of non linear systems”. Poltergeist is divided into three sections. Each of the sections is inspired by different theories centered on “non linearity principles” such as the Attractors Theory, the Catastrophis Theory developed by Renè Thom, the double pendulum motion. The composer has implemented various algorithms reproducing the behavior of the equations related to the mentioned theories, using them to generate, control and synthesize electronic materials. Subsequently he has recombined the obtained materials in different gestures and articulations, building a musical structure based on the counterpoint between electronic materials and the violin.

Uninterrupted Waves

Uninterrupted Waves is an acousmatic piece composed in 2019. Some concepts related to the expressive research of the author, have been taken up in this work. During the piece, the use of etherogeneous micro-samples, scans the rhythm of a form which is divided into 4 sections. The materials, exclusively formed by samples of various kinds, are organized according to a “conscious” juxtaposition of them, without using algorithmic processes. The intentional choice to manipulate samples of short duration, generates some gestures that in sections one and three, emerge as blooms from the main texture which is made by sample of the sea. In the composition, the evolution of different parameters affects the nature of sounds , designing various forms; furthermore there is a melodic theme that is progressively variated throughout the whole composition, constituting another key to understanding the piece. Uninterrupted Waves is freely inspired and dedicated to Malta, in which the composer has lived during 2017.

Trigramma 8

In Trigramma 8, the composer explores through music the world of meditation and its effect on mind. The lyrics come from an ancient chinese poem. The voice, firstly is a solo chant, becoming predominant as the piece goes on, like e a powerful mantra that repeating can clean the negative effects of recurring thoughts. Conversely the fixed media part is solid and powerful at the beginning of the composition, turning into a subtle voice towards the end.

Il Persistente, il Dialogico: Ricordo

Il Persistente,il dialogico: ricordo, is a three movements composition for three violas (baroque viola, modern viola, electric amplified viola). The main theme of the composition is the concept of memory intended as the need to evoke atmospheres from the past musical age in a personal way. The electroacoustic texture is the result of different juxtaposition of electronic samples, the most of them obtained with convolution processes. The idea of memory is also crucial in the musical structure: the first movement has been inspired by the concept of “harmonic memory”, due to some imitative chordal structures both in the electronic part and in the viola phrasing. The second movement is centered on the concept of “melodic memory” presenting a structure based on a “canone” and other imitative phrases between the electronic texture and the viola. The third movement is based on the concept of “timbrical memory”, in which the use of distortion in some parts of the recorded media and on the viola, create various imitative articulations irrespective of the melodic and harmonic structure.

Utopie per un Re in Ascolto

Utopie per un re in ascolto, is a composition inspired by the novel Un Re in Ascolto, written by the italian writer Italo Calvino. Un Re in ascolto, talks about the pardoxical story of a king forced  to settle down for ever on his throne because his concern to loose the Kingdom. He is terrified to be dethroned and usurped by some hypothetical traitors, so he just spend his life in the castle. The life outside can be told only through the sounds that he can hear from his window. The story is a metaphor of how the attachment of humans to power can finally become a cage. So the musical ensemble (violin , viola, cello, clarinet) wants to emulate the sounds and the noises that the king listen from his window. In the composition there is the addition to the original story of an invented part. In fact towards the end of the piece there is a chanted dialogue between a male voice and a female voice. Finally the King listens the voice of a woman, he wants to answer to her: he can feel again an interest for another human …

Transizioni di Microstrutture

Transizioni di Microstrutture, is an acousmatic composition. The piece explores different musical articulations and the electronic sounds are generated by softwares developed by the composer. The composition has been performed at MAXXI, Rome.


Music composed by FREI ( duo formed by Paolo Gatti and Francesco Bianco ) in 2015. Music released by Studiolo Laps.

List of unreleased electroacoustic and acoustic music composed by Paolo Gatti

– Studio su simmetrie (for piano solo) – year of composition: 2010

– Nepero (acousmatic) – year of composition: 2010

– Due aforismi per voce e clarinetto (for soprano and clarinet) – year of composition: 2011

– Percorsi su grafi sonori (acousmatic) – year of composition: 2012

– In equilibrio (live electronics for 1 laptop) – year of composition: 2012

– Curious meridians (live electronics for 4 laptops) – year of composition 2013

– Trigramma 5 (for soprano and recorded media) – year of composition: 2013