On this page there is a partial selection of concerts, festival and events in which Paolo Gatti has been recently involved

Circuits Festival (2021 Edition)

Paolo Gatti is one of the featured artists at the Festival “Circuits” which be held in Valletta at the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity (Spazju Kreattiv).


Paolo Gatti participated to the Festival with the composition “WaterMhole”, featuring mezzosoprano Clare Ghigo.

Link to WaterMhole HERE

Link to WaterMhole performance here :

Metamorfosi nel Tempo (2020)

Composers: Giovanni Costantini, Paolo Gatti
Visual Artist: Francesco Casanova
Violist: Luca Sanzò

performance at “Circle 2021“, CICA MUSEUM / GIMPO (South Korea)


Science in the City 2018

Paolo Gatti has composed the original music for  Ħoss fl-Ilma, a multimedia project inspired by the researches of Prof. Aaron Micallef, in charge of the MARCAN project. The collaboration between Paolo Gatti and the media artis Jacob Farrugia has been focused on the creation of an immersive and interactive experience, with the aim to depict in a creative way the sounds and the scenario of the marine environment, in which the studies of Prof. Micallef take place.  The multimedia performance has been performed during the Festival Science in the City 2018, in Valletta (Malta). Link to the official page of the project:

Ħoss fl-Ilma official page

Friefet Bojod

Friefet Bojod is a play written by Lizzie Elridge and produced by the maltese company More or Less Theatre, in which Paolo Gatti has composed the original music. In two songs there is the participation of trumpet player Maya Pong Rasmussen. You can listen the music score by clicking on the following link:

Friefet Bojod original music

Malta International Arts Festival 2018

During the last edition of Malta International Arts Festival , (directed by Dr. Michelle Castelletti) some compositions of Paolo Gatti have been streamed at the Malta Society of Arts.

Science in the City 2017

Paolo Gatti composed the original music for the dance performance EXT, included in the program of Science in the City 2017 (Valletta, Malta). The performance involved dancers Carmen Di Lorenzo and Gloria Borge Lasarte. It is possible to listen the original music of EXT trough the following link:

EXT original music

ISSTA 2017

Composer Paolo Gatti took part in the conference ISSTA (Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland) organized by the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association. He performed his music at Mac Anna theatre. More infos about ISSTA  .


Paolo Gatti music has been selected at MUSLAB ( Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica ). His music has been performed at the Universidad Metropolitana Autónoma ESPACIO SONORO UAM Xochimilco ( Mexico City ).


Composer Paolo Gatti has performed his music at the National Sawdust ( New York City, USA ), within the program of the NYCEMF ( New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival ). Performer: Maja Cerar.


The composition Poltergeist, written by Paolo Gatti, has been performed during the IFIMPAC (International Festival for Innovations in Music Production and Composition) at the Leeds College of Music, (Leeds, UK ). Violin performer: Bethan Morgan Williams.