Mixture , concert n° 3

On the 16th June 2023, there will be the 3rd concert Mixture. Check here for the complete program:

“Mixture”, in collaboration with @senhalteproductions and scheduled on the 16th June 2023 6pm (Auditorium Ennio Morricone , University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, faculty of Arts , via Columbia 1):


Part 1:
A) Upon a Time (Chiara Negri)
B) Machina Sapiens (T.R.S.)
C) 3 AM (Matteo Mantelli)
D) h4v3y0Us33NmYwH4t (Zeik 68)
E) James Brown (Alexander Tuseth)

Part 2 :
F) Shining Darkness (Hamoon Zarabiha)
G) T.R.S. Jam Session

Part 3:
H) Laptop Orchestra Performance
(Conducted by Carlos Delgado)