upcoming concerts

17th April 2024: Conservatory of Latina

  • performance of the new composition “Aether”, for flute and electronics ; flute: Beatrice Miniaci

21th April 2024: The Apartment

  • Volcanism A/V dj-set

13th June 2024 : Auditorium “Ennio Morricone” (“Tor Vergata” University)

  • Volcanism A/V live set


new music projects and new EP !

I am happy to share these news about my artistic activity:

with my project Gawtarks, I am going to release my debut EP called Gawtarks and another EP of Remixes called Gawtarks (Remixes)! kindly find here the infos:

Gawtarks (EP) :

Official Release link

other informations about the release HERE

Gawtarks (Remixes) :

Official Release link

other informations about the release HERE

kindly visit the web site of Senhalte  HERE

Moreover I recently launched my new project Volcanism in collaboration with musician Simone Sbarzella. Find HERE more details.

Mixture , concert n° 3

On the 16th June 2023, there will be the 3rd concert Mixture. Check here for the complete program:

“Mixture”, in collaboration with @senhalteproductions and scheduled on the 16th June 2023 6pm (Auditorium Ennio Morricone , University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, faculty of Arts , via Columbia 1):


Part 1:
A) Upon a Time (Chiara Negri)
B) Machina Sapiens (T.R.S.)
C) 3 AM (Matteo Mantelli)
D) h4v3y0Us33NmYwH4t (Zeik 68)
E) James Brown (Alexander Tuseth)

Part 2 :
F) Shining Darkness (Hamoon Zarabiha)
G) T.R.S. Jam Session

Part 3:
H) Laptop Orchestra Performance
(Conducted by Carlos Delgado)

Metamorfosi nel Tempo selected at the International Exhibition, “Circle 2021″ (Cica Museum, South Korea)

The composition “Metamorfosi nel Tempo” ( composers: Giovanni Costantini and Paolo Gatti, visual artist: Francesco Casanova, viola: Luca Sanzò) has been selected at the International Exhibition, “Circle 2021” (Cica Museum, South Korea, https://cicamuseum.com ).
* Exhibition Dates: September 1 – 19, 2021

Link to the composition: click HERE