Installazione Multimediale “Metamorfosi nel Tempo”

Il 29 Dicembre 2020 alle ore 15 presso il Mattatoio Roma, all’interno dell’ evento “Safe and Sound”, a cura di Caterina Tomeo, verrà eseguita in streaming l’ Installazione Multimediale “Metamorfosi nel Tempo (2020)”, (musica di Giovanni Costantini e Paolo Gatti, video di Francesco Casanova). 

On the 29th December 2020, 3pm, at Mattatoio Roma and within the event “Safe and Sound”, organized by Caterina Tomeo, the Multimedia Installation “Metamorfosi nel Tempo (2020)” will be streamed. (Music composed  by Giovanni Costantini and Paolo Gatti, Visual by Francesco Casanova) 

Summer School “Performing the Space: Integration among the Arts”

🇮🇹Dal 28 Settembre, Summer School organizzata dal Master in Sonic Arts dell’Università degli studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”. All’ interno del programma della Summer School, il mio corso in “Tecniche Compositive fra Musica Elettronica d’Arte e Popular”. Per informazioni ed iscrizioni:

🇬🇧 The Summer School titled “Performing the Space: Integration among the Arts” organized by the Master in Sonic Arts of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, will start on the 28th September 2020. Within the program of the Summer School i will teach in the course of “Tecniche Compositive fra Musica Elettronica d’Arte e Popular”. For informations and enrollments kindly email to:


Acousmatic Music Workshop and Concert on 26th November 2019

Paolo Gatti will conduct a workshop on the composition of acousmatic music. The workshop will be at Mattatoio, within the program of the Festival De Natura Sonorum . 

The workshop will be followed by a seminar / concert on the theme musica come scultura: l’arte acusmatica. The concert will feature compositions by Walter BranchiGiorgio NottoliGiovanni CostantiniRiccardo SantoboniPaolo GattiBarry Truax

more details about the workshop and the concert HERE

Lectures in Music Composition at University of Rome Tor Vergata

Paolo Gatti, will be delivering 4 lectures during the last week of June 2019. The title of this cycle of lessons is “Tecniche Compositive fra Musica Colta e Musica Popolare”. The lectures will be covering various aspects of music composition such as the difference between macro-structure and micro-structure,  articulations and gestures in music composition. Moreover, it will be given room to an introduction on the Dodecaphonic Theory and the Pitch-set Theory . The course will include also practical exercises of  composition, in order to give the student the possibility to apply the subjects addressed in class.

Kaleidoscope, concert 2


A series of 2 concerts organized at the Technology Laboratory of Technical Institute “Enrico Fermi” of Rome


The Music is based on the harmony between Sky and Earth,

it is the coincidence between the disorder and the clarity.

This sentence, written by Herman Hesse, clearly depicts how music allows the dialogue between heterogeneous elements, channeling the creativity of the artist, in music gestures encoded in a structure. The scheduled concerts, want to explore variegated music languages, through the performance of musicians coming from different countries and therefore influenced by different backgrounds. During the concerts, it will be given an overview on some music genres of the contemporary music scene since the program of the events will include compositions based on improvisation, algorithmic and generative music, beat oriented music,  acoustic and laptop music. That being said, the didactic aspects related to these events, concern the strict relation between music languages and new technologies. (Paolo Gatti)

Program of Concert 2, 22th May 2019, 7 pm :

Stefano Petrarca 

7 Scatole Sonore (acousmatic music)

Broken Bench (Paolo Gatti & Maya Pong Rasmussen)

Broken Bench live Set (downtempo, chill-jazz, improvisation)

Amble Skuse

Balancing Act: Noise Counterbalancing Silence (algorithmic music, laptop music)

Trumpet, voice : Maya Pong Rasmussen
Live electronics: Paolo Gatti, Amble Skuse
Sound engineering: Paolo Gatti, Stefano Petrarca