Spring Time Study Concerts


Within the program of Spring Time Study Concerts organized by Master in Sonic Arts held by University of Rome Tor Vergata and under the art direction of Giovanni Costantini and Giorgio Nottoli, Paolo Gatti music will be performed on 28th May 2019 at Auditorium “Ennio Morricone”.

The program of the event is as follows:

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Title: Clarinet and Electroacoustic Music

compositions by: Philip Ciantar, Giovanni Costantini, Carlos Delgado, John Galea, Paolo Gatti, Giorgio Nottoli, Riccardo Santoboni

Clarinet: Luca Cipriano

Sound Engineering: Federico Scalas

The conference will take place at Laboratorio di Ricerca sul Suono “Piero Schiavoni” (LARS – Room P10), first floor, Faculty of Arts, University of Rome Tor Vergata, via Columbia 1, Rome

The concert will take place at the Auditorium “Ennio Morricone”, Faculty of Arts, via Columbia 1, Rome

Free Entry